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Welcome to Jonerson Business Services. Our purpose is to work with individuals and small businesses on a one on one bases, in the areas of Taxes, Bookkeeping, Consulting, Research and other essentials in the operation of their business. Our purpose further extends to helping individuals and business in the development, growth and sustainability of their respective enterprises.
We are aware that challenges exist in the operation of a business, and our educational background, training, and valued added services will help businesses recognize that challenges represent opportunities to become innovative, competitive, and above all, successful. Therefore, our core values are driven by the belief that commitment, respect, and Integrity (C.R.I.) should be at the forefront when working with and for our clients.
We know it is axiomatic to have a business in the right financial and tax position the first day, even before opening its doors, rather than waiting until there is a problem when filing personal or business tax returns.
It's been noted in business startups if there is uncertainty about the guidelines for a business, it is always best to check with an accountant in the beginning, who understands the needs of a small business and is willing to help the business succeed. It will save the business owner money, time and anguish in the end.
Tax laws are constantly changing as the average person conducts business, and some changes will impact the small business industry. Consequently, it would be advantageous for every business, regardless how small, to have an accountant or bookkeeper who works with the company making sure federal and state guidelines are followed, and taxes are filed in a timely manner.

We know sometimes it is challenging to calculate the correct quarterly taxes due for federal and state, which if not accurate, can lead to penalties and interest on the quarterly taxes. Therefore, if you are a sole proprietor, the advantages and disadvantages of converting to a Partnership, Limited Liability Company, or Corporation, the IRS guidelines should be explored.

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Penny always pays her bills with a smile. Now the IRS wants her to pay with cash.

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