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Filing yearly and quarterly taxes can be insipid or esoteric for some individuals. There is the sine qua-non of concern if an individual has to pay taxes, how much, and what happens if they are not able to pay? These questions are reasons for choosing either, a storefront that closes after April 15, or one that will be available year-round.


What happens when you were so busy that you forgot to file your taxes? What happens when you rushed to file your taxes and you forgot a W-2,  or you received an unexpected  1099 that was delivered  after the fact?


 What happens when you are a part year resident? Will the seasonal storefront tax preparer be there help you file your out of state taxes? These are just some of the challenges that clients can face, that we will resolve.


Commitment, Respect and Integrity (CRI) and the passion for research and problem solving make JBS the best choice to prepare your taxes.





A Notary Public is an official of integrity appointed by Illinois Secretary of state to serve the public as an impartial witness in performing a variety of official fraud-deterrent acts related to the signing of important documents.We are commissioned in Illinois and offer Notary and Loan signing services for Chicago, and surrounding suburbs. We provide notary services to individuals in addition to working with Signing Agencies.


We take pride in the exacting standards clients need for signing  documents and getting them notarized.  and understand the integrity that a notary must have when notarizing legal documents for individuals as well as agencies. Our mobile notary services  provide a much needed benefit to  individuals who are ill, facing possible time restrictions, or not able to locate a notary. Scheduling an appointment is not a problem with our flexible hours.


Therefore, to remain true to our purpose of preventing fraud and forgery,  it is essential that we stay abreast of changes in notary guidelines and the ever increasing fraud and forgery  scheme.


The benefit of allowing J.B.S. to handle the paper work frees you from the 

 tribulations of keeping up with vendor invoices, payroll payments, bank statements or quarterly tax filing etc. We will  transformed your invoices, receipts, and expenses, from a pile of papers into the most efficient financial report.


There is also the advantage of having someone who keeps up to date on changes in the tax laws and assesses how these changes can affect an individual or small business. This alone would save a business owner valuable time, time that is needed to build their enterprise into a successful growing entity.


When a person starts a business, that is his or her day of becoming an independent business enterprise, better known as an entrepreneur. It is a great feeling to be self-employed, but some of the down falls for the self-employed are not understanding the tax laws, in addition to what what taxes are due and when. For example, (a) the self-employment tax can be one of the problems for a new start-up venture, (b) if are you hiring an employee or an independent contractor what is the difference according to the IRS?, and (c) are your expenses deductible or will depreciation be the solution?

Sometimes it is challenging to calculate the correct quarterly taxes due for federal and state, which if not accurate, can lead to penalties and interest on the quarterly taxes. Your business organizational structure can also impact your taxes.


 if you are a sole proprietor for example, the advantages and disadvantages of converting to a Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), or Corporation and the IRS guidelines should be explored. Therefore, the question as to which form of business is most advantageous for my organization becomes a factor.

Tax laws are constantly changing as the average person conducts business, and some changes will impact the small business industry.  Consequently, it would be advantageous for every business, regardless how small the business to have an accountant or bookkeeper, to work with the company to make sure that all federal and state guidelines are followed, and taxes are filed in a timely manner.

 It is axiomatic to have a business in the right financial and tax position the first day, even before opening its doors, rather than wait until there is a problem at tax time. If there is uncertainty about the guidelines for a business, it is always best to check with an accountant in the beginning, who understands the needs of a small business and is willing to help the business succeed. It will save the business owner money, time and anguish in the end.












We can help you set up your Quickbooks, and train you and or your employees to operate Quickbooks. Working with our Quickbooks’ clients is another channel of communication that allows JBS to focus on a specific issue you might face in your new or current business.


As a ProAdvisor, we have access to the latest releases and versions of the Quickbooks online software. As a customer, we can save you money on products and services through your affiliation with us.

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